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Green Team


Green Team Mérnöki Kft. is actively engaged in various projects related to the design and operations of various renewable energy systems, as well as various electricity transmission and distribution systems. In addition to providing a range of electrical engineering design services, and managing the related official licensing procedures, we also offer various technical inspection services, required during the project installation phase.

We aim to create overall energy systems capable of supporting sustainable long-term growth, while being viable from both a technical and business point of view, and also being environmentally friendly. We offer a strong professional know-how, as well as reliable and specialised, high-end professional services, to serve our business partners’ needs in the areas of financial and technical pre-planning, as well as the overall design of various energy related CAPEX programs. We manage the entire official licensing procedure, and provide technical inspection services during the project installation phase.



Our Company was founded in 2013, with the aim of becoming a specialist in providing engineering services to various renewable energy facility operators. Since the beginning, we’ve been actively engaged in the pre-planning, design, and official licensing of several major energy related CAPEX projects. It is our privilege to have been one of the pioneers in the field of pre-planning and implementation of e-mobility infrastructure networks in Hungary.

Our list of successfully completed projects covers the following specialist areas: the design and licensing of renewable energy facilities, the design and licensing of distribution networks, the design of smart grid networks, as well as the preparation of specialist research papers, providing a technical and financial assessment of various CAPEX programs, executed in various energy fields.

Due to the rapid IT technology changes seen worldwide, our Company is strongly motivated in trying to redesign overall traditional power plant control technologies in a secure way, in order to create electricity networks capable of reacting to potential operational incidents real time, and being less vulnerable under extreme operating conditions.


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