The general purpose of this specialist area, called Electro Mobility (E-Mobility), is to create various alternatives for environmentally conscious transportation methods, helping to reduce the overall level of harmful and toxic substances currently emitted by vehicles. Majority of the vehicles running on our roads today are driven by energy resources that are becoming gradually depleted (i.e. running out), emitting significant pollution levels.

Thanks to the rapid technological changes witnessed worldwide, various types of e-transport carriers are now becoming more and more accessible to the general public, and to businesses. Thanks to the fast pace improvements achieved with battery design, the distances e-vehicles can now handle are gradually increasing, and due to the international standardisation of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the products of various producers can be now be used on a unified platform.

As an EU member, Hungary has set the objective of making electronic, environmentally friendly transportation means more widespread in the country by 2020.


  • We draft various technical research papers to support the pre-planning of various CAPEX projects.
  • We draft Business Plans.
  • We design electric vehicle charging stations, including the underlying infrastructure.
  • We manage the official licensing procedure, required for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • We prepare vehicle schedules.



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