Smart grid


Any electricity network, trying to enhance the overall efficiency, affordability, and sustainability of an existing electricity supply network, by utilising various available IT and telecommunication technologies, is called “Smart grid”.

 The revolutionary speed of new communication technologies appearing in the 21st century has fuelled major changes in the field of telecommunication services as well. Via a more widespread use of mobile communication, as well as the internet, people’s lives are forever changed. The impacts can be seen in a wide range of areas, starting from the entertainment industry, to various production technologies.

By combining the newly appearing telecommunication tools with traditional energy technologies, there is a chance to enhance the efficiency, overall quality, and “user specific” nature of the electricity supply services.


  • We develop, and design regulatory systems, run by schedules.
  • We develop systems for the on-going monitoring and analysis of consumer habits, and to integrate consumers into the regulatory system.
  • We develop, and design systems for renewable energy production control systems.
  • We develop, and design various systems for the purposes of balancing the sphere of consumers and energy producers, within certain sub-networks.


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